Tuesday, November 3, 2009

no more mess!!

soo...i was in need of a new flat iron because the one i had decided to DIE on me after only one year...hmmm....are straighteners only suppose to last that long?? 
this was my old one my dad bought it for my bday at target for about 3o bucks or so not sure! 

anyways i wasnt planning on spending too much $$$ on a new one so i went to target again to look for one and i found one for less than $40 BUT it made my hair super frizzy and it pulled my hair and it just wasnt working for me so i returned it and ended up getting this one at the mall for about $190! but it came with all three things!  AND its pink! hahaha!

and this is my natural mess...

and this is the beauty of a flat iron!